[AGAC] Facebook Algorithms

[All Gather and Chat] Study — Week 19

What is AGAC?
This post is a record of the thoughts we shared from various perspectives while reading newspaper articles.

Summary questions (Answer in your own words)

1. What were the crisis that Facebook confront?2. What were the experiments (or studies) done as Facebook’s self-examination?

Frances Haugan, former senior product manager at Facebook, leaked internal Facebook documents, exposing unethical practices in the company’s business processes.

  • Like Button
    Like Button had the side effect of making them feel depressed by making people compare themselves with others, so researchers tried to get rid of the like button. But when they removed the like button, people started posting less and interacting with the app less.
  • invite whales
    Invite whales send out invitations to people and grow their groups. Then the invite whales could spam the groups with posts promoting ethnic violence or other harmful content, according to the study.
    (In fact, we’ve all had that experience!)
  • Another 2019 report looked at how some people accrued large followings on their Facebook pages, often using posts about cute animals and other innocuous topics. But once a page had grown to tens of thousands of followers, the founders sold it. The buyers then used the pages to show followers misinformation or politically divisive content, according to the study. (source: https://indianexpress.com/article/world/facebook-wrestles-with-the-features-it-used-to-define-social-networking-7590391/)

Discussion Questions

1. Which do you think is the most representative product of SNS? - Likes? Shares? Subscription? News Feed? Groups? Etc.- Pick one and share your opinion towards it.2. How much the tech companies -You tube, Twitter, Facebook, Tik tok, etc – influence human behavior and belief? And what is the responsibilities on these influential tech companies?3. It seems apparent that no one at the company, or in the world at large, has really gotten their arms around it. So the company’s reputation is once again in free fall.... Is it still worth debate on? Or time to let it go and move on to Metaverse?
  • Sc: Subscription
    The subscribe button groups people with the same interests on social media. YouTubers often refer to their subscribers by specific nicknames. In addition, subscribers communicate together in the comment box.
  • Su: Like Button
    There is a saying in Korea called ‘Umji-chung’, which refers to followers who unconditionally press the like button.
  • Jin: Shares
    I often share articles with useful information on social media with my friends.
  • Bum: News Feed
    I often see news feeds on one topic. A feed with a high number of likes means that many people agree with it. It is useful to be able to see multiple opinions on another topic at once.
  • Jin: It seems to have a lot of influence, especially on teenagers. Especially when you see a huge number of teenagers imitating the actions of an influencer like TikTok.
  • Su: The problem with Facebook’s platform is that it protects a lot of users, but the other problem is that the number of users is dwindling. Facebook is turning into an aging app. This is why Facebook has a new name, Meta.
  • Jin: You’re right. However, users’ data will continue to be used in the metaverse, and I think these problems will continue. So, we have to think about how to use the user’s data and how to protect the user in this virtual space.

additional question 3–1
Who and How can protect users from the harmful effects of the platform?
Government? Private Company? or Users themselves?

  • Su: I think users should be awake themselves. Even if private companies make policies for users, trusting those companies’ policies is another matter.
  • Sc: I agree with Su. Because the MZ generation values ​​value consumption, I think they will exert this influence.
  • Su: I recommend you Signal App. (https://signal.org/en/download/). This app does not store any user data. I also like the business model that receives donations. But like the What’s app, I’m afraid this app will be merged with Facebook.

I will be a software architect.